TGS Digested Week 41: Looking Good for TGS Month

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TGS President visited our Italian members, Lance Audit and Athena Law

Monday 11/10/2021

TGS President In Italy

TGS president, Marc Desjardins is beginning to travel again to meet member firms and has so far visited Brussels, Germany, Greece and Romania. Today, Marc was visiting Lance Audit in Italy. 

The TGS network was founded almost 10 years ago as a credible and entrepreneurial response to a gap in the international professional services market. In 2011 there was no multidisciplinary network, owned by and driven by its members and with objectives pegged to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

TGS stands for ‘Think Global Sustainability’ and has grown from being a European-based (and focused) network to being a major international organisation with 70 members across 58 countries worldwide. TGS helps SMEs develop their business sustainability. 

Follow Marc’s travels, visiting the 58 countries and all the life of the network on our social media pages: LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram.

The TGS Young Leader groups meet once a month to work on case studies to share knowledge and best practices from their firms.

TGS Young Leaders

The TGS Young Leader groups met (virtually) today in Asia-Pacific, EMEA and the Americas to work on case studies to share knowledge and best practices from their firms. 

Future Leader programs like the TGS Young Leader Groups are a great way for firms to increase productivity, increase employee engagement, reduce staff turnover, nurture future leaders, improve their managerial skills and abilities, achieve better Project Leadership, improve corporate culture and effectively manage change.

It’s quite a small time investment but the advantages can be huge. If you’d like to find out more about the TGS Young Leader Program make sure to register for the Young Leader event during TGS Month this November.


Tuesday 12/10/2021

TGS Sales Course Part 6: Dealing with Price Objections

Your potential clients will almost always appear a little confused and tell you that your services are “too expensive”. How do you respond?   

“Too expensive” hard work to reply to because salespeople don’t really know what it means. The question is always either about budget or value and it is very difficult to know what the potential buyer really means when they say “too expensive”. 

Matthew’s challenge in this TGS Sales Training course has been to help TGS members understand the concept of selling and share a foolproof sales process that will be successful no matter what the situation. 

When you have finished this training course you have all the skills and processes you need to increase your sales. If you missed this round, you will be able to complete the TGS Sales Training course next year. If you completed the sales training course this year, you will be able to graduate to complete either the TGS Negotiation Course or the TGS Key Account Management Course. 

Look out for Matthew’s presentation of all these courses during TGS Month.

Wednesday 13/10/2021

TGS Doing Business In Scotland

We had 3 brilliant speakers with us for ‘TGS: Doing business in Scotland’ this week to share all the help you can get for your business in Scotland. A Government Agency, a local accountant and advice from a successful local business. 

Thanks to Eniko Delzenne, Senior Business Development Manager, Scottish Development International; Ian McMonagle, Chartered Tax Adviser at Russell & Russell and Peter Ferry CEO of Siccar for their excellent, information-packed presentations. 

Your business can be helped by Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s national economic development agency and a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government. They are working with partners in the private and public sectors in order to find the best opportunities to help businesses thrive. 

The legacy of IBM, Compaq (Glasgow) Amazon and HP (Edinburgh) and many other top Scottish tech companies, plus many super-successful startup entrepreneurs has created a wealth of global Scottish C-level execs who can be very helpful to entrepreneurs, including, Peter said, Siccar’s Chair,  Carolyn Jameson (ex Skyscanner).

If you want to expand your business in Scotland you have to know about the working environment, tax and business, that’s why we advise you to relive this presentation.

If you want to see or review the TGS Doing Business In Scotland webinar, you can watch the video on the TGS YouTube channel. 

Thursday 14/10/2021

TGS Live – Looking and Sounding like a million dollars

TGS Live is a live broadcast on LinkedIN to share TGS network news, Information about events, interviews with members and interesting firms and experts, answering your questions. 

This week we talked about, Doing business in Scotland, Regional Development Meetings, TGS Sales Course – dealing with price objections. TGS Month this November,TGS Digested Week. Read TGS Digested week with morning coffee on Saturday. 

You can watch the whole of yesterday’s (15min) TGS Live here on YouTube. Tune in to watch the TGS Live every Thursday at 9am CEST (or watch the recording whenever you like). Of course, we’re on LinkedIn

Make your own “60-Second Connect” video for TGS Month

In the live TGS conferences, members meet for coffee and about themselves and their firms. We would like to replicate this experience by sharing 60-second ‘meet videos’ during the month-long TGS event, TGS Month. This will help our member firms make connections and help us introduce them to the people they should be speaking to. More connections, more business.

Would you like to make a ‘60-Second Meet Video’ for TGS Month? Yes, you would! It should take you about 15-20 minutes to make the video. The questions below should act as a useful framework but, of course, feel free to be creative!

A suggested plan for your ’60-Second Connect’ video for TGS Month: 

  • Who are you? 
  • What is your firm? 
  • What do you do (and why)?
  • What do you need? 
  • What would you like TGS member firms to do for you? 
  • How do we contact you? 


Try to film on a white background (this makes subsequent editing easier for Margaux and helps all members reflect the TGS Experience). Make sure you have good light, good sound and that your camera is steady. 60 seconds is the time you have. 

Why not simply use your Zoom setup to make your video. Have a meeting on your own and record your results. Don’t worry about the editing, we can cut the beginning and ending off for you. Watch the example video recorded during today’s TGS Live session.

Friday 15/10/2021

TGS Communication Group

TGS has a brand new Brand Manual and Written Communication Guide to harmonize the TGS tone of voice and the general TGS Experience our members and their clients will come into contact with worldwide.

During TGS Month we have three key marketing events not to miss. Justyna Swat, Experience Architect will talk about the importance of a shared experience for the network. Jacqueline Watson, Director at Henderson Loggie in the UK will be hosting a marketing masterclass and will share her secrets of how to market to generate business. Gregory and Aurelie from Lux Lingua will be running a workshop about how to write effectively for the internet for TGS professional service firms. 

By the end of TGS Month you will know how to leverage your TGS brand in your marketing, you will have a marketing strategy that will guarantee you generate more business and you will know how to write your marketing content to have the highest impact. 

Useful? I think so. Register for all the TGS Communication workshops on the TGS U page. 

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